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Let me ask you something.

Have you ever believed that you’re not creative at all? That there are some people out there that are creative and you are just not one of them?

Have you ever thought that you don’t need the creativity since you have more of a traditional career?

Have you ever wanted to create and then giving up because of the:

    • lack of time
    • lack of money
    • lack of ideas
    • lack of skills
    • lack of confidence

Have you ever been afraid that you’ll deplete your creativity?

If you answered ‘Yes’ on any of these question, I’ve got you covered. I created something you’re gonna love.

It’s called “100 ways to be creative today.”

Subtitle reads: “most of them require less than 10 minutes, $0 and no special skills.”

In short, this is the collection of brief, creative exercises that anyone with busy schedule and tight on cash can do.

Exercises are various. We have photo prompts, writing prompts, list making, mindfulness practices, visualisation ideas, a little bit of everything.

This book will help you:

    • become more creative (Duh!)
    • challenge your mind
    • become a better problem solver
    • become happier
    • become more mindful
    • become a better communicator
    • find your talents
    • see life in more positive way
    • come up with a lot of ideas

Sounds good?

Wait, there is more.

In this book I have also busted 8 biggest creativity myths.

(Some of them are in form of questions. But these are crappy questions. And if you ask crappy questions, all you can expect are crappy answers.)

These are the detrimental notions about creativity that I see among people again and again. The ideas that make tons of people waste their creative potential. Or not try in the first place.

I don’t want you to be one of them.

Thus I busted those big 8 myths.

You might be wondering what these are.


1. But I’m not creative.

2. But I don’t have any ideas.

3. But I don’t have time/money/fill in the blank.

4. But I don’t need to be creative.

5. But it’s uncomfortable.

6. But what if I deplete my creativity?

7. But how will being creative benefit me?

8. But will it bring me any money?

Answers and comments to all of these myths and questions are right in the book.

I encourage you to read it and share it with your friends.

(Side effects include an avalanche of courage and inspiration.)

If you’re tired of reading the books cover to cover, I’ve got you covered.

I listed 10 ways for you to use this book. There is so much more than just reading it in order.

Finally, once you’re done, I listed 10 biggest takeaways from this book, so that you can remind yourself quickly.

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    Love all the practical info!

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