Find beauty in details


I love dreaming big and thinking big. But it gets overwhelming.

I am afraid of too big bites, flying too high, driving too fast. I am afraid of too much light.

Big ideas resonate with me, but sometimes I cannot implement them.

I want to change the world, but the sink full of dishes is waiting for me.

I am looking at the stars but I am stumbling.

And I feel disconnected, distracted and confused. I need presence. I need mini miracle.

It is right here, right now. In this cup of coffee, in this bite of pie. In these words I am writing. In small things that make my day.

In fresh air in the morning. In a smile of a random person in the street. In the red leaf falling off the tree.

Small things matter, small things count, small things make our lives.

Small steps seem funny, but they take you everywhere.

Small changes stretch your mind.

Small improvements add up and change your life forever.

Small is beautiful.

Only if you can see it.

Admire it.

Capture it.

So let’s do it today.

Let’s zoom in.

Let’s focus.

Let’s find the beauty in details.

Let’s make small steps.

Let’s improve just a little bit.

Let’s enjoy.

It’s all adding up.

(And here is some inspiration. In the case you didn’t get, today’s photo exercise is


Or find the beauty in details, if you will.)






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Miss Strangelove

P. S. Cookie of Wisdom: ” You need to let little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” Andy Warhol ((Tweet this!))

Photo idea that will get you followers


Did I forget to mention? The latest topic is THOUGHTS. And today we will incorporate our thoughts onto the photography.

Today’s topic will be:


Straight lines, curves, spirals, dash-dot lines, any kind of lines.

Lines are powerful composition element in photography. Why? Just like the trains of thoughts, lines are dragging your attention. Lines lead you and show you where to look. Don’t resist. Let lines lead your eyes.

When I first thought of this exercise, it seemed hard. But then numerous examples overwhelmed me, like an avalanche. Lines are everywhere. Lines are windows, curbs, trails, stairs, columns, trees, wires…

Here are a few examples from my cusine:

Braga Portugal





Follow trains, cars, airplanes. Follow trails. Or create your own. That’s how someone else will start following you. (He won’t be able to resist the lines. Lines are magical.)



P. S.Cookie of Wisdom: “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” Paul Klee ((Tweet this!))

Why do we make photos? On joy, spirituality and Instagram


“The Instagram generation is experiencing present as the anticipated memory.” Professor Daniel Kahenman

This sentence inspired creative and energetic Jason Silva to make THIS video about Instagram generation. It sublimed the message about the spirituality behind the photography. About art and joy. About being present. It brought tears in my eyes. It motivated me to make more photos. With vintage filters or otherwise.

This week we have a lovely photo topic, namely:


Photography is the tool that helps us capture visual beauty, emotions and the moment. You have to be present. You have to be there, immersed. If you want to experience joy, you have to be present. You have to be there, immersed. So let’s marry the two. Be present. Enjoy. Make a photo. That is PHOTO JOY.

When everything is over, you will only remember the moments of joy. ((Tweet this!)) When you summarize and reflect, all the moments of pain, hard work, waiting in lines and banks will shrink. The moments of joy will expand. Because you were present. Because you felt every sensation. Because you loved it and wanted to extend it. To squeeze every single drop out of it.

Even if today is not perfect day, try to find joy in it. Immerse yourself into the moment. Joy happens right here and right now. Come into your senses and feel it. Open your eyes and see it. Grab your camera and capture it. Share it with me. Remember it. Moments of joy are the only that remains. We are the sum of what we are and our memories. Expand your library. Add a few more joyful moments today.

Here is some visual inspiration from me:

Your turn. Share your joyful moments with me in comments below or on Instagram, using hashtag #strangelovephoto.

Enjoy this lovely day. It is an order! And if you liked this post, share it with your friends who need a little energy boost.


Miss Strangelove

P. S. Cookie of Wisdom: “The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” Richard Bach ((Tweet this!))

The game of black and white- 10 ideas for gorgeous black and white photos

Since the newest topic is SHHHHHHH! I was kinda puzzled how to incorporate that with photography. What is the silence on the photos. Famous saying claims that photo is worth of thousand words. And oftentimes you are glad that photo doesn’t come with a sound.

After short thinking an idea emerged. What is the very thing that can be discarded and shut in order to improve the quality? Here you go:


Make your photos silent. They will start telling another story. There are numerous advantages. Black and white photos hide spots, red face, red eyes, internal and external traces of beer (and other substances). Everyone looks so sophisticated, as if Jim Jarmush is going to walk in every moment. I love the game of black and white.

No kidding, black and white photos are not totally easy to make and color removal won’t make just any photo gorgeous. Tricky part abut photography is the fact that you see one picture with your eyes while camera captures something else. Accordingly, the catch with black and white photos is that we see the world in colors (especially women) and try to translate it into something else on the camera. Doesn’t always work.

Although the colors are prominent, black and white photos put emphasis on other composition elements: lines, textures, contrasts, light, even emotions. (I bet you weren’t thinking about that last time when you were transforming your drunk-after party appearance into bohemian.)

Here are 10 ideas for you to start making beautiful black and white photos today.

1. Composition should be simple.

2. Portraits are AWESOME in black and white.

3. Landscapes are not ideal. Except big water areas with reflections and tons of light.

4. Patterns and repetitive compositions look great in B&W.

5. Avoid having tons of details.

6. Crappy weather (rainy, foggy, snowy) is ideal. Black and white photos will make it look mystical.

7. Speaking about light, soft morning and late afternoon light does miracles.

8. Cities look amazing.

9. For the best results, try to actually find something black and something white.

10. It is best to make photo in color and apply black and white filters in photo editor. Play.

As always, here is some visual inspiration from me.
Your turn. Share your bohemian work with me in the comments bellow or on Instagram (hashtag #strangelovephoto or #thegameofbw.

I hope you’ll find joy in seeing the colorless world. Not everything is black, there is always something white around.



P. S. Cookie of Wisdom: “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” Ted Grant ((Tweet this!))