About Bombastic questions


“I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates”. Steve Jobs Tweet this!

We live in information age. Information equals power. At least, we were told so. However, one way or another, you can find the information you need. The power to create something good and useful out of information conglomerate is the reflection of your intellectual capabilities. Your mind doesn’t need more information. There is information everywhere. Overwhelming you, like an avalanche. Your mind needs more tools and more exercise. Your mind needs work. And questions.

Information is weak, relatively available and it fades away quickly. In other words, you quickly forget it. On the other hand, your own intellectual work is something different. No one can take it away form you. Reasoning, principles and big ideas stick with you forever. They remain in your tool box and you can use them whenever you want.

Information provides you knowledge about a tiny piece of reality, that someone else has cut out for you. Your mind is capable of so much more. If you ask yourself a good, open-ended question, you will be surprised how creative and resourceful you are.

My most important takeaway from the literature classes is that good professor is the one that asks good questions. He can tickle you, direct your thoughts, to set the light to a dark corner of your mind. There are no right or wrong answers, so you can relax, use you knowledge, your mind, your creativity. This entire procedure of asking a good question, searching and finding your own answers is precious, much more valuable than tons of information from Wikipedia, that are available to anyone anyway.

So, my goal with these Bombastic questions is to give you ideas, directions and to make you think. To make you search. To make you astonish.

All Bombastic questions are simple and introspective. All of them are important and profound too. And all of them are neglected in our lives.

You will get an explanation and directions with each Bombastic question. You can write down your answers. When you read the question and the post, you need to relax. Take the question away with you. Think about it while you walk, drive, while on the bus, while in the line. It is not so important to answer immediately. However it is important to direct your thoughts, have fun and create some new connection in your brain. And to learn something about yourself. Something that has been inside of you for a while, and still waits for its turn to show up. After Facebook likes, followers and dancing chihuahua videos.

The last but not the least, good questions are very basis of good and successful life coaching. When I work with my clients I ask them tons of Bombastic questions and help them come up with their own answers. This category will provide you with FREE tools, tips and directions, so that you can be your own life coach and get hundreds of new ideas. Sounds good?