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Let me ask you something.

Have you ever believed that you’re not creative at all? That there are some people out there that are creative and you are just not one of them?

Have you ever thought that you don’t need the creativity since you have more of a traditional career?

Have you ever wanted to create and then giving up because of the:

  • lack of time
  • lack of money
  • lack of ideas
  • lack of skills
  • lack of confidence

Have you ever been afraid that you’ll deplete your creativity?
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When you feel like flying….do this


Are you ready for the velocity? Are you ready for the catalysis? Are you ready for the JOY? Yes? Here you go!

Today invest your precious 20+ minutes to do a free writing exercise on a topic:


Forget excuses, limitations and obstacles. Forget about the lack of time and money. If you had everything you needed and my guaranty that you will succeed, what would you do? Would you really stay where you are? Would you ask for a raise or promotion? Would you even ask anyone for anything? Would you play your own game? Would you start your own crazy thing, your own revolution, your own tribe? Would you then try to find your creative genius? When you stop caring what will others think and what is the “logical next step”, what would you do? Remember, failure won’t happen.

At the first glance, this exercise will seem easy. With enough resources you might end up at Maldives, drinking mojitos untill the end of time. That’s why you have to write for 20 minutes. What will happen when you get tired of mojitos, partying and stretching on the beach? You will probably start your search. You will start wondering. You will help someone. Or you will create art. You might say “I love you”. Remember, failure is not an option.

There are a few takeaways you can get from this exercise.

First, you will remind yourself of your goals and dreams. If you don’t define them and remind yourself of them, they will stay out of reach. Your goals and dreams are first layer.

Second layer consists of…..obstacles. When you write what would you do without obstacles….you will realize that the greatest obstacle is……in your head. This exercise might force you to get out of your own way.

Third layer is action. How far away are your dreams? How impossible are they? Maybe there is little something you can do today to get on the right track. I bet there is. If you want to save world from hunger, make a sandwich to homeless in your street. ((Tweet this!)) If you want to publish a novel, write for 20 minutes today. ((Tweet this!))

Fourth layer: this exercise will prepare you to win the lottery. Research has shown that lottery winners end up in the same place where they were before in just couple of years. Don’t let this happen to you. Plan ahead. What does your soul wants? Think about it before you register your BMW.

Finally, the fifth layer is the layer of joy. This is not the writing exercise. This a flying lesson. ((Tweet this!)) 20 minutes long. Feel the wind in your hair. Breathe. Use your wings. I bet you will end this exercise with smile on your face. Which is good reason to give it a try.

Don’t wait any longer. Start your flying adventure right now. Write for 20 minutes. Longer if you enjoy the flight. Once you’re done, answer this question in the comments bellow: What is the craziest thing you would do if you knew that you can’t fail? I am looking forward to hear from you.

If you liked this flight lesson, share it with your friends who might also want to try.


Miss Strangelove

P. S. Cookie of Wisdom: “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” James Mathew Barrie, “Peter Pan” ((Tweet this!))