You will love this time-saving hack

Time saving hack

I recently heard Anne Lamott’s audio writing workshop and there was one story (and hack) that I particularly liked.

Anne was telling how she doesn’t care much for style and how she usually wears comfy clothes. But that one time she was dating an annoying man (her exact words), who loved short and tight dresses and skirts. So she went shopping with her best friend and tried on a tight lavender dress. Probably unhappy with what she saw in the mirror, Anne asked her best friend: “Do you think it makes me fat?” Her best friend gave the most amazing answer: “Come on Anne, you don’t have that kind of time!”

The answer blew my mind. It blew Annie’s mind as well. In fact, she made it her personal mantra.
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Wanna do something cool? Do it today.


On one sunny fall day, I called my best friend. “I saw the forecast. It might be raining next week. Why don’t we go for a walk today? Maybe this will be the last nice day this fall.” She agreed. We walked for hours, talked about ice cream, relationships, global warming, guys, how when you block all the crazy folks on Facebook your feed becomes boring, meaning of life and that jazz. It was one epic long walk.

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Easy and fun way to know yourself better


Back in the day, I was going out a lot. Clubs, parties and that stuff. That was not particularly pleasurable for me, but I figured that’s what young people do.

I tried watching a few popular TV shows that cool people were watching. Listening to the music cool people were listening. I tried to make myself more relevant. And then I gave up.

We all have innate desire to fit in, to belong, to be members of a tribe. In the process, we slowly forget who we are and what truly lights our fire.

May I propose a creative project that will help you know yourself better?
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10 ways to be a better friend


Confession: I feel lonely time after time. Since I moved to the US I changed my social habits a lot. I am alone more often than I used to be. Sometimes it is awesome and right what I need. But other times, it is a pure boredom. As an ambivert (combo of introvert and extrovert), I crave my own space and freedom, but I benefit greatly from contact with other people. (Aren’t we all wired that way?) Human energy is a potent fuel. It motivates and energizes.

It’s no secret that a loneliness can be a chronic disorder. Happy people have strong social networks. And I want to improve mine. Too often I catch myself bitching about how living in small town is such a misfortune. In fact, I am not using the full range of things this little town has to offer. I am inert. But I am willing to change. And have more fun. And friends. Here are some actions steps.
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Find beauty in details


I love dreaming big and thinking big. But it gets overwhelming.

I am afraid of too big bites, flying too high, driving too fast. I am afraid of too much light.

Big ideas resonate with me, but sometimes I cannot implement them.

I want to change the world, but the sink full of dishes is waiting for me.

I am looking at the stars but I am stumbling.

And I feel disconnected, distracted and confused. I need presence. I need mini miracle.

It is right here, right now. In this cup of coffee, in this bite of pie. In these words I am writing. In small things that make my day.

In fresh air in the morning. In a smile of a random person in the street. In the red leaf falling off the tree.

Small things matter, small things count, small things make our lives.

Small steps seem funny, but they take you everywhere.

Small changes stretch your mind.

Small improvements add up and change your life forever.

Small is beautiful.

Only if you can see it.

Admire it.

Capture it.

So let’s do it today.

Let’s zoom in.

Let’s focus.

Let’s find the beauty in details.

Let’s make small steps.

Let’s improve just a little bit.

Let’s enjoy.

It’s all adding up.

(And here is some inspiration. In the case you didn’t get, today’s photo exercise is


Or find the beauty in details, if you will.)






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Miss Strangelove

P. S. Cookie of Wisdom: ” You need to let little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” Andy Warhol ((Tweet this!))